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Pax-Bank - Bank of Church and Caritas

Welcome to Pax-Bank!

Bank for Church and Caritas

Pax-Bank was founded in 1917 Germany for institutions and employees in the Catholic Church. The history of the Pax-Bank reads like a success story – and so it is. Of course, there were difficult times, but the Pax-Bank has always seen these as a challenge to take new approaches. For example, there were tasks which had to be overcome, such as the Great Depression, war or adjustment to German reunification.

On the other hand, special customers constantly require special products and customised solutions. The Pax-Bank has grown by meeting their challenges. It now employs a total of 170 staff in seven branches and its head office. The Pax-Bank has been given bold and committed people. They have shaped its history, taken the right decision at the right time. What has not changed in all the years of growth are the clear profile, the clear objectives, the Catholic customer structure - and this is to stay that way in future too.

A Catholic bank: equable – extensive - dependable